Grazing for the Planet | Financial Express

On a picnic in a village in Rajasthan some 30 years ago, Elsie Kohler-Rolfson ran into a caravan of camels grazing on the grass. At that moment, the visiting German veterinary scientist knew her life would never be the same again. Three decades later, Raika’s camel-nomads whom she met on a cold January morning are … Read more

Advent of the Universe In line with Srimad Bhagavatam | Sarpath

In line with Srimad Bhagavatam, the universe was once created by means of the Lord, Sri Krishna, throughout the means of cosmic emergence. The advent procedure starts with the Lord’s want to create, and from that want, subject material power, referred to as maya, is activated. This subject material power then condenses to shape mahat-tattva, … Read more

Watch the pretty night Venus, Jupiter, Collecting Moon

February 22, 2023: After sundown, Venus, Jupiter, and the crescent Moon will converge within the west-southwest. Search for it 45 mins after sundown. PHOTO CAPTION – 2019, February 28: Morning Superstar Arch, Venus, Saturn, Moon and Jupiter around the southeastern morning sky. The moon is halfway between Jupiter and Saturn. podcast for this text Via … Read more

In footage: Welcome to the deadliest waters on planet Earth

Some of the driest puts on this planet isn’t the place you might anticipate finding probably the most most deadly waters on Earth. However prime in Chile’s Andes, the Salar de Atacama salt residences are house to probably the most hardest micro organism, residing in extremely poisonous lakes filled with salt, lithium and arsenic. Now … Read more

Meteorites expose the conceivable starting place of risky chemical substances on Earth

Newswise – Via inspecting meteorites, Imperial researchers have came upon the conceivable far away starting place of Earth’s risky chemical substances, a few of which might be the construction blocks of lifestyles. They discovered that almost part of Earth’s inventory of risky zinc got here from asteroids that originated within the outer sun device – … Read more

What can LEGO train us about saving the planet?

Can Lego save the arena? That is one concept that caught out in studying How giant issues are accomplished, a brand new e-book by means of Bent Flyvbjerg and Dan Gardner. Flyvbjerg is in all probability the arena’s main authority on mega-project disasters – or how giant issues get accomplished, however woefully overdue and at … Read more